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Care About Global Climate Change? Then Fight Local Air Pollution

Air pollution outside Delhi, India. (Flickr/Jean-Etienne Minh Duy Poirrer) This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Leaders of developing countries should take a look at a new study by professors and researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the University of …

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Don’t like flat LED lightbulbs? No problem, says Philips! (New LEDs $5 with rebates)

© Michael Graham Richard by Michael Graham Richard We don’t need no stinkin’ heatsinks! One of the recent major innovations in the fast-moving world of LED lightbulbs was Philips’ flat Slimstyle, pictured below. © Philips What was special about it was that the flat shape – providing ample surface area to each …


Growing recycling programs help us inch closer to Zero Waste

CC BY 2.0 Dano by Tom Szaky Much of our time is often devoted to increasing the recycling rates of more conventional recyclable materials. That is: aluminum, paper, PET and HDPE plastic containers, and glass. There are large markets for these materials, so it makes a lot of sense to further build …


These Concentrated Solar Arrays Produce 50% More Power Than Normal Panels

It could allow homeowners to buy a kind of solar technology previously reserved for giant commercial facilities. This solar thing may work itself out, it seems. Concentrated photovoltaic systems use lenses and mirrors to direct sunlight into small cells that generate power. They’re highly efficient but relatively expensive compared to standard solar …

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See How The World Can Live Well And Still Deal With Climate Change

Use this fun tool to tweak the future and save the planet (or see how hard that will be to actually do). It’s easy to be pessimistic about climate change, because carbon emissions continue to rise and millions of people aspire to lifestyles that are likely to make those emissions …

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Report: Global Sustainable Investing Market Surpasses $21 Trillion

Image Credit: Global Sustainable Investment Alliance by Mike Hower The global sustainable investment market has grown “substantially” in the past two years with assets reaching $21.4 trillion by the start of 2014, according to a new report by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA). The Global Sustainable Investment Review 2014 finds …


How the Internet of Things illuminates new ways to pay for energy

by Keith Larsen With the Internet of Things projected to become a $19 trillion industry by 2020, the tech trend with big implications for sustainability fields from building efficiency to mobility has quickly become a familiar concept. Iconic companies such as CISCO, GE, IBM and HP have all made the Internet of Things an …

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5 top climate challenges for Capitol Hill — and how business can help

Business plays a critical role in helping to change the climate conversation on Capitol Hill. by Mike Hower The politics of climate change are muddy, but businesses can play an important role in cleansing the conversation, according to former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin in his keynote address Tuesday at the 2015 …

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Mars, Nestlé and Asda plant business case for protecting nature

Mars, makers of M&M chocolates, is one of eight companies arguing to preserve natural capital in a new report. by Will Nichols Even small investments in water conservation or soil restoration make good commercial sense for large companies, according to business leaders and academics. The argument for preserving so-called natural capital …

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Smart Data at the Heart of Pro-Social Bands

by Leslie Pascaud “Big Data” and “Social Good” may be the yin and yang of tomorrow’s most successful brands. Both are recognized as important components of contemporary marketing strategy, yet they are not typically thought of as bedmates. That is changing. The growing expectation that brands should make meaningful contributions …