7 Newly Discovered Facts About the Earth

by JAMES BRASUELL The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. Since then we’ve discovered an incredible amount about the Earth in addition to doing the planet an incredible amount of irrevocable harm. A “listicle”-style post by Brad Plumer commemorates the 45th occasion of Earth Day by noting seven …

Photo from inside Shenzhen Institute of Building Research
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7 Opportunities for Green Buildings in China, According to Developers

China’s low-carbon future depends on green buildings. With nearly 2 billion square meters of new floor space added each year, China’s building sector offers tremendous opportunities for the country to move toward a cleaner economy. These recommendations are based on a comprehensive literature review and a number of interviews that …


Why Embodied Energy Is the New Frontier for Developers, Surveyors and Planning Authorities

by David Thorpe No building or development project can be deemed to be environmentally sustainable without an assessment of its life cycle environmental performance. This so often fails to be done, or even thought about. But this is changing. A new report lists resources to help developers, quantity surveyors and planners take …

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How Earth Day Changed the Way We View Cities

Not long ago, cities were like a cancer in the environmental imagination. Proposing a national environmental agenda to Congress in January 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin remarked: The unforeseen—or ignored—consequences of an urbanizing, affluent, mobile, more populous society have poisoned, scarred, and polluted what once was a beautiful land …


Myanmar proposes a vision for a climate resilient, low-carbon and resource efficient development

Naypyitaw, 23 April 2015 – Participants at a workshop recently held in Naypyitaw agreed upon the initial vision for the “climate resilient, low-carbon, resource efficient development, as contribution to sustainable development of Myanmar”. The 1st Workshop for the Formulation of the Myanmar National Climate Change Strategy, Action Plan and Policy …

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New York City Makes Income Equality The Center Of Its Green Goals

Can the city’s progressive mayor successfully merge his ambitious equity and environmental goals? Or will he be caught up in the details? Picture a New York City with 800,000 fewer residents living in poverty, 25% fewer premature deaths, and broadband Internet access for everyone. These are all laudable, progressive goals …

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Scaling up sustainability in smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors

There is an increasing number of voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) in the market. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) tasked IIED, NewForesight and Aidenvironment to explore how VSS could be scaled up to improve agricultural sustainability in developing countries. The research produced a model for sector transformation. Phase one of the project …


Sci-fi meets sustainability: Artificial intelligence to predict deforestation

Courtesy of WRI/Orbital Insights A new joint effort is underway to fuse artificial intelligence and satellite imagery in the pursuit of predicting deforestation before it starts. by Heather Clancy This week, McDonald’s added its voice to the growing list of influential companies clamoring for an end to deforestation, following the lead of other …

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Boston, Philadephia, LA on smart cities pitfalls to avoid

Shutterstock mandritoiu Philadelphia, like other cities, has recruited businesses to help implement its sustainability plan, which it calls Greenworks Philadelphia. by Laura McCamy No city can meet its sustainability goals without support from the private sector. Businesses create the lion’s share of emissions in any given city — while also supplying the …

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McDonald’s Commits to Removing Deforestation From Its Supply Chain

by Gina-Marie Cheeseman This week, McDonald’s announced a commitment to remove deforestation from its supply chain. The global fast food company’s commitment includes its entire supply chain. However, certain priority products will be focused on, including beef, fiber-based packaging, coffee, palm oil and poultry. The company will start to develop sourcing targets this …