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LEGO To Spend $150m to Make All Its Products Sustainable by 2030

by Glenn Meyers Pity poor LEGO. It is under attack from environmentalists for using plastics to make its miniature blocks. Stung by such criticism, it has launched an ambitious program to create sustainable building blocks for the next generation of kids. For decades, LEGO was a rather dull company that sold red …


Meet the Businesses Aiming for 100% Renewable Energy

by David Thorpe Sustainability chiefs gather at the Formula E eprix in Battersea Park, London, calling for the uptake of renewable power across the private sector.’ From left to right: Phil Levermore, Chairman of The Climate Group; Mohamed Anis, Head of Energy and Services for Europe – Infosys; Penny Cross, Director of …

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Designing The Sustainable Supermarket Of The Future

by Glenn Meyers The Austrians take a different approach to higher education. Instead of sending all of their young people off to a cloistered institution to emerge 4 years later with mountains of debt and a Bachelor’s degree, they encourage them to learn skills that will help them earn a living …

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Putting ourselves out of business – forward planning for the PEP

The 20th Poverty Environment Partnership (PEP) meeting focused on the opportunities for an integrated approach to development as embraced by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but recognized that key challenges still remain to make implementation a reality. If we succeed in implementing the SDGs and integrating poverty and environmental issues into …


Investing in Water in Developing Countries: The Right (and Smart) Thing to Do

By Leah Tirpak Over the years of working in international development, I’ve established a motto: If I can’t appeal to your heart strings, I’ll appeal to your pocket. More often than not, appealing to the pocket is the most effective approach. As a bit of a bleeding heart humanitarian, this …

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Hormel Foods Makes Good on Solid Waste Reduction Goals…Again

by Sherrell Dorsey This post is sponsored by Hormel Foods. Opinions are my own. Corporate leadership in environmental sustainability begins with appointing the right person or teams to set the strategic direction for a company. Demonstrably, Hormel Foods has exceeded its annual environmental impact goals for reducing the amount of solid …

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How Pain Keeps Us From Acting on Climate Change

By Elizabeth Hardee In my daily work, I read a lot of online articles about climate change — both the science and the politics — and out of curiosity I’m invariably drawn to the comments section at the end of the page (first rule of the Internet — never read …

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Report: Major Gap in Sustainability Adoption Between Large, Small Office Buildings

Image Credit: Flickr/Wonderlane by Mike Hower More than 60 percent of large buildings qualify as “green,” compared to less than 5 percent of small buildings, according to a new study by CBRE Group and Maastricht University. The 2015 Green Building Adoption Index, a joint project of CBRE and Maastricht, concludes …

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Global Compact Companies Send Clear Message in UN General Assembly: More Businesses Need to Take Responsibility for Achieving a Better World

New report shows that sustainability is rising on the business agenda (New York, 25 June 2015) – On the third and final day of the United Nations Global Compact’s 15th anniversary event, global business leaders met with Governments in the historic UN General Assembly Hall to demonstrate the growing, strategic …

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2030 Districts: Communities Collaborating to Reach Inspirational Goals with Measured Performance

by GBIG Insight If buildings are a major contributor to climate change, then what’s the solution? Reductions in energy use, water use, and transportation emissions, of course. But, how do we know how far we have to go, how fast – and how will we know when we as an industry …