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How San Francisco Is Designing Its Metro Train of the Future

A rendering of a train car design for BART’s Fleet of the Future. (Courtesy BART) On September 11, 1972, crowds lined up for hours to be the first passengers aboard the sleek and high-tech trains of the new San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit system. In the lead-up to the …

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The Surprising Politics of Traffic Solutions

Transportation projects, once a bipartisan beacon on the stormy political seas, have become torn by ideology in recent years. It’s now common to presume that Republicans favor roads and Democrats favor rails. The source of this divide can be debated—maybe it’s that liberals control rail-rich cities and conservatives hold road-dependent …

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Children help build inclusive urban environments

Working with and CHILDREN in CONSTRUCTION n urban environments, from the viewpoint of architecture, helps identify the different character RIVER Statistics that make the spaces p STILL blicos be attractive and inclusive, Dijo doctoral C & eacute; Lida G & oacute; mez Gamez, Master of Academic Development Projects …


The Supermarket of the Future Has No Packaging

No cardboard, no cellophane, no throwaway plastic trays, and no brands: Berlin’s newest supermarket is certainly a step away from the usual neighborhood grocery store. Opened last Saturday, Original Unverpackt (the name translates to “Original Unpackaged”) is a novel shop in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood that has dispensed entirely with disposable …

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KC Healthy Kids: Combating Childhood Obesity in Kansas City, Missouri

Diet and exercise are important factors affecting health. In an effort to battle childhood obesity across the nation and in our communities, KC HealthyKids is empowering children to eat healthy foods and lead active lifestyles. While healthy eating may seem like a straightforward change in personal behavior, there are environmental factors at …

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Ottawa, Canada Youth Should be Involved in the Planning Process

It is important to have a youthful voice in city planning. I have repeatedly found myself to be the youngest person at planning open-houses and consultations I have attended in Ottawa. By missing these events, youth miss the opportunity to provide input on projects that will affect them greatly, such as …

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Across the Bay: Oakland Leads in School Health Programs

In San Francisco, you are more likely to see Google buses than school buses on any weekday morning. Why? With budget cuts in transportation for public schools, a large number of elementary to high school students are left to fend for themselves in their daily journey to school. San Francisco may be …


Exposición Darwin, con la colaboración de Biomimicry Mex

Darwin: Apto para todas las especies hasta septiembre 21 en el Museo de San Ildefonso. A través de experimentar las maravillas observadas por el científico inglés en su histórico viaje por Suramérica y las Islas Galápagos (1831–1836), comprenderemos en esta exhibición, cómo su controversial teoría de la selección natural permite explicarnos …

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Un vaso elegante refuerza la imagen de la marca y reduce el impacto ambiental

¿Qué tan elegante puede ser un vaso hecho de papel? Un vaso puede ser simple, blanco y anónimo, o bien puede ser uno que resista el calor y que realce una marca. Todo depende de la fabricación, el material y el grado de transformación que uno desee. Iggesund Paperboard se …

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DHL se adhiere a la Alianza por la Energía Verde de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de EE.UU

DHL, el proveedor mundial líder en envíos exprés y logística, es clasificado por primera vez dentro de la lista publicada por la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de EE.UU. como uno de los 100 usuarios nacionales más importantes de energía eléctrica verde. Clasificado en el puesto número 27, DHL está usando …