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Executive Update: Rest up, the biggest challenge yet awaits you

The following is an article by Lise Kingo, CEO & Executive Director, UN Global Compact. A version of this article was originally published on 6 August 2018 on GreenBiz.  Powered by WPeMatico With a busy and fruitful first half of 2018 now behind us, let us take a moment to stop and …


How green bonds can bridge infrastructure financing gaps

Pay-for-success bonds backed by the Rockefeller Foundation and others seek to fund urban resilience projects. How green bonds can bridge infrastructure financing gaps Anya Khalamayzer Thursday, August 31, 2017 – 1:28am The Rockefeller Foundation, along with two financial partners, is launching a new challenge to fund so-called green infrastructure and …

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Top 10 biggest global concerns, according to millennials

From climate change and destruction of nature to lack of education and employment, here’s what’s worrying the world’s young adults. It seems that just about every generation gets blamed for something; those born in the 1980s and 90s are no different. Going by the accounts of the snarky media, one …

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How Much Are Trees Worth to Megacities?

In a metropolis teeming with shuffling crowds, cranes and high-rises aren’t the only things that ought to be reaching skywards. Megacities—those urban centers crammed with more than 10 million people—would be well served to double down on their arboreal assets, according to a new paper in the upcoming issue of …

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Lab Report: Why Didn’t Houston Evacuate for Harvey?

Harvey questions: As Houston grapples with epic devastation of the storm—chest-high floods, overwhelmed rescue squads, and more than 80,000 homes without power—many are questioning why mandatory evacuations weren’t enforced. But officials including Mayor Sylvester Turner are defending the decision, CNN reports: “You literally cannot put 6.5 million people on the …

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How to build a strong local food system

It goes beyond farmers’ markets and CSA shares. Before we had ‘local food,’ we just had food. Communities fed themselves with whatever was produced in the region, with farmers selling directly to stores and customers. It was unheard of to truck vegetables from Florida or California all year round in …

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3 Green Building Trends Inspired by the World’s Most Sustainable Cities

By Krystal Rogers-Nelson The world’s most sustainable cities are redefining the building sector’s environmental impact. These cities are comprised of innovative buildings that incorporate the newest green technologies and building trends, putting environmental responsibility first. These cities have captured the world’s attention with their sophisticated designs, leading the way towards …

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Lessons from China’s ambitious green building movement

The nation seeks to grow this sector fivefold by 2030 with help from China has grand plans to green its buildings. The country’s national climate commitment calls for 50 percent of all new buildings constructed by 2020 to be certified green buildings (PDF), while its 13th Five-Year Plan prioritizes building …


California to Consider 12 New Water Storage Facilities

A total of $2.7 billion will be awarded to a potential list of 12 water storage projects, thanks to funding from California’s Proposition 1, approved by voters in 2014. Paul Rogers reports that the state of California recently unveiled “12 huge new water projects from massive new dams in the …

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Charting the Planet’s Path to 100% Renewable Energy

How quickly could the majority of planet wean itself off of coal, oil, and gas? For $124.7 trillion, perhaps within just a few decades. That’s according to the latest research by the Stanford University professor of civil and environmental engineering Mark Z. Jacobson. In a study published in the new …