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Food Waste, Hunger, Energy and Growth in New York City

Cities are growing. So, too, is the collective demand for food production and waste collection. In New York City – home to about 8.5 million people – more than 6 million tons of waste is disposed of every year. Nearly a third of that waste is organic, including food that: …


How Cities Are Tackling Their Enormous Food Waste Problem

From loosening restrictions on what “expired” means to dabbling with aquaponics and vertical farming, cities around the world are trying to contribute less to landfills with their wasted meals. From loosening restrictions on what “expired” means to dabbling with aquaponics and vertical farming, cities around the world are trying to …

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Levi’s now accepts used clothing and shoes for recycling at all US stores and outlets

CC BY 2.0 Lisa by Derek Markham Bring in your unwanted clothing or shoes to any US Levi’s store or outlet for recycling, and get a 20% off voucher. Americans send about 24 billion pounds of unwanted clothing, shoes, and other textiles to landfills each year, which is simply a staggering …


Who Wants Disposable Plastic Water Bottles in National Parks?

A hiker fills up her bottle at a water station at the Grand Canyon. (Flickr/Grand Canyon National Park) by LINDA POON The bottled water industry is lobbying hard to overturn waste-reducing bans in parks, claiming concerns about dehydration and health. Since 2011, roughly 20 national parks have banned the sale of …

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The Bottled Water Industry Is Fighting To Keep Plastic Bottles In National Parks

John Panella via Shutterstock What our beautiful vistas need is more Aquafina bottles. By ADELE PETERS When national parks started to notice that their trashcans were overflowing with plastic water bottles, some parks began to stop selling the bottles in vending machines and offer free refilling stations instead. But the bottled …

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Rotterdam may pave its roads in recycled plastic

© VolkerWessels by Lloyd Alter Asphalt is not pretty stuff. It emits 27 kilograms of CO2 for every tonne produced; it absorbs heat and contributes to urban heat island effects. Meanwhile, our mountains of plastic are rising faster than they can be downcycled into lawn chairs and plastic lumber. Perhaps not …

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Nestlé Waters’ resource® Now Comes in 100% Recycled Bottles

Image source: Business Wire by Brynn W. McNally   Yesterday resource® Natural Spring Water announced the debut of a remodeled bottle made entirely of recycled plastic (rPET). Part of the Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) portfolio of bottled waters, the resource brand reflects Nestle’s exploration of environmentally sound packaging options …


Sustainable solutions for old toys

CC BY-NC 2.0 meaganmakes by Tom Szaky, Guest Writer If you are a parent, you know how quickly your kids can go through their toys. Once a toy breaks, or when a new toy craze hits the market, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Considering Americans buy …

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Recycling is broken, and now it’s costing us all serious coin.

by Lloyd Alter Promo image Let’s start indoctrinating them when they are young. Years ago I got into a whole lot of trouble with readers for writing that Recycling is Bulls**t: “Lets call recycling what it is- a fraud, a sham, a scam perpetrated by big business on the citizens and …


The Recycling Industry is Losing Money — and Fast

by Grant Whittington It seems like easy work. You finish a bottle of water, toss it in the blue recycling bin and sleep easy at night knowing you contributed to helping the environment preserve products that can be salvaged. Recycling can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources like water …