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Food Waste, Hunger, Energy and Growth in New York City

Cities are growing. So, too, is the collective demand for food production and waste collection. In New York City – home to about 8.5 million people – more than 6 million tons of waste is disposed of every year. Nearly a third of that waste is organic, including food that: …


How Cities Are Tackling Their Enormous Food Waste Problem

From loosening restrictions on what “expired” means to dabbling with aquaponics and vertical farming, cities around the world are trying to contribute less to landfills with their wasted meals. From loosening restrictions on what “expired” means to dabbling with aquaponics and vertical farming, cities around the world are trying to …

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The Bottled Water Industry Is Fighting To Keep Plastic Bottles In National Parks

John Panella via Shutterstock What our beautiful vistas need is more Aquafina bottles. By ADELE PETERS When national parks started to notice that their trashcans were overflowing with plastic water bottles, some parks began to stop selling the bottles in vending machines and offer free refilling stations instead. But the bottled …

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Why We’re All a Part of the Green Electronics Conversation

By Jonas Allen Have you ever seen one of those signs in your office encouraging you to recycle electronics? It exists for good reason: In 2014 alone, 41.8 million metric tons of e-wastewas shipped to developing countries, posing an immense risk to environmental and human health. Electronics are evolving at …

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Would You Use an App to Pick Up Your Trash?

A garbage collector empties a small residential garbage bin into his truck in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) by LAURA BLISS So you’ve got a plus-sized haul of Hefty bags after a particularly well-attended July 4th party. Or a hulking mattress you’ve vacuum-sealed in plastic and spray-painted with a pentagram (what everyone …


Sustainable solutions for old toys

CC BY-NC 2.0 meaganmakes by Tom Szaky, Guest Writer If you are a parent, you know how quickly your kids can go through their toys. Once a toy breaks, or when a new toy craze hits the market, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Considering Americans buy …

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Change your shopping habits to reduce food waste

CC BY 2.0 Sergio Pani by Katherine Martinko Shoppers need to think about food waste before they go to the store, rather than figuring out what to do with it at home. Much discussion revolves around how we’re going to feed the planet’s burgeoning population, and yet Americans continue to throw …

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Multinationals Collaborate to Halve Food Waste

by Mary Mazzoni At its annual Global Summit in New York City last week, the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) announced a bold resolution to tackle food waste. Members of the Forum, which include top multinationals in the consumer goods industry like Unilever, Pepsico and General Mills, pledged to halve food …

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4 steps to move your company to zero waste

ShutterstockWarut Chinsai Recycled bottle plastic crushed and prepared for recycling and reuse. by Erik Makinson Waste disposal costs have risen by 28 percent over the past 10 years so as more organizations than ever are driven to seek savings by reducing waste. Zero waste, in particular, has become a proven business …


“Washed Up” gathers ocean pollution to create environmental art

© Alejandro Durán by Margaret Badore To create “Washed Up: Transforming a Trashed Landscape,” Alejandro Durán gathers plastic trash that washes up on the beaches of Sian Ka’an, Mexico’s largest federally-protected reserve. The site is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its archaeological sites and amazing biodiversity. Yet every …