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University and college campuses are working toward Zero Waste

© PLAN (via Facebook) by Katherine Martinko The Post-Landfill Action Network, launched at the University of New Hampshire, challenges campuses across the continent to start tackling waste seriously. “Our willingness to part with something before it is completely worn out is a phenomenon noticeable in no other society in history… It …

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Yale Is Testing A New Carbon Charge–On Itself

by ADELE PETERS Every department will be charged or credited based on whether they can control their emissions. Like most major universities, Yale already has a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. But the school thinks it can do better—emissions actually slightly increased in 2014—and now it’s testing out a new …

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The Greenest Schools On Earth; Do More Than Put Solar Panels On The Roof

Getting students to care about sustainability is the more important—and harder—challenge. To be the “Greenest School on Earth” in the eyes of the U.S. Green Building Council, it takes more than a few solar panels on the roof. Those are nice, of course. But you also need to teach sustainability …

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ASU Study Shows Online Education Can Be Key Driver in University Sustainability Strategies

Photo by: Shutterstock A new report released today from Arizona State University indicates that the development of online education programs can be a significant component of an institution’s sustainability strategy, based on greater socioeconomic impact for a smaller environmental footprint per degree. Using ASU Online as a case study, the …

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Interview: Angelo Riccaboni, Chair of SDSN Mediterranean

Angelo Riccaboni is Rector of the University of Siena, one of the oldest European universities, founded in 1240, where he is also the professor of Business Governance and Management Control Systems. His research focuses on the implementation of sustainability strategies within organizations. His strong interest in sustainability in the Mediterranean region is motivated by the fact …

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What Does the Future of Sustainability in Academia Look Like?

Source:Sustainable Brands This is the final question from a roundtable discussion with the directors of sustainability research centers at six top business schools. Through Georgia Tech’s new QEP (Quality Enhancement Program), we will develop very deep educational partnerships with a few key institutions, be those NGOs or local government or …

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Beyond Incremental: Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan Takes Innovation to Scale

MIT Sloan students in the field.  Image credit: MIT Sloan by Malaika Thorne Once companies tackle the low-hanging fruit of operational improvement — carbon footprints, energy-efficiency retrofits and waste reduction — they are ready to address deeper sustainability challenges. This is the next-to-last article in a sponsored series called “Academic Engagement: How …

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How Does Sustainability Research Fit Within Business Schools?

Image credit: Epic Learning Institute by Bart King This is the fifth of six questions from a roundtable discussion with the directors of sustainability research centers at six top business schools. So there are a couple different ways that we support the research process as an Initiative. One is that we bring …

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Connecting the Dots: Sustainability Crosses Business Disciplines at Duquesne

Duquesne’s Pittsburgh campus | Image credit: Duquesne University School of Leadership by Millie Lapidario If the ideal business has sustainability embedded throughout, why not embed the same lens throughout an MBA program? That’s what faculty members had in mind for the Sustainable MBA program at Duquesne University’s Palumbo Donahue School of Business. …

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Plain old baking soda may help stop greenhouse gases

CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Martin Nikolaj Bech by A.K. Streeter (@womenonwheels) Power plants are still the single largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas that traps heat and makes the planet warmer. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, coal- and natural gas-fired plants were responsible for a third of U.S. greenhouse …