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Coca-Cola exceeds water replenishment goal

Coca-Cola exceeds water replenishment goal 30 August 2016 Global drinks giant Coca-Cola has exceeded its 2020 target to replenish all the water used in its beverages five years early. The company said it returned an estimated 192 billion litres of water to nature and communities in 2015 through community water …


How United Technologies Is Propelling Us Toward a Future of Sustainable Urbanization

News Deeply, in partnership with Sustainable Brands, has produced a series of profiles looking at how brands are tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. The goal is to examine trends and gather insights from a new wave of corporate citizenship – in an era when the private sector is increasingly expected …


The Greenest Supermarket Needs More Than Efficiency

by Tyler Caine In skimming through the recent articles on the Sustainable Cities Collective, I came across this story about an Austrian “Smart Buildings Program” at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. One of the projects for students was probing the design for the most efficient supermarket, effectively built to Passivhaus standards–which …


Levi’s now accepts used clothing and shoes for recycling at all US stores and outlets

CC BY 2.0 Lisa by Derek Markham Bring in your unwanted clothing or shoes to any US Levi’s store or outlet for recycling, and get a 20% off voucher. Americans send about 24 billion pounds of unwanted clothing, shoes, and other textiles to landfills each year, which is simply a staggering …


How to find a company that is truly green

CC BY 2.0 DFS digital design by Katherine Martinko Here are some tips on how to be a savvy shopper who consistently gets past the greenwashing. Companies have caught on to the fact that going green means business. Everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon, making claims of being “all natural,” …


4 Ways to Make Your Sustainability Programs Downsize-Proof

By McGee Young These are good times for sustainability initiatives. Cost-saving returns on investment grab the attention of budget hawks. Marketing teams love to tell sustainability stories. CEOs can now hold their heads a bit higher at Davos, COP and Aspen when asked how they are addressing climate change. But …


How adidas is pioneering open-source sustainability for sports

Shutterstock wavebreakmedia Adidas is turning to open source innovation to elevate its sustainability efforts. by Lew Blaustein Adidas is among the most admired companies in the world, especially when it comes to sustainability. In January, Corporate Knights, “the magazine for clean capitalism,” ranked the sporting goods and apparel giant No. 3 on its list …


Can China’s textile industry clean up its supply chain?

Shutterstockhxdbzxy Textile manufacturers are experimenting with new types of workforce training and technologies to improve their operations. by Racheal Meiers As part of BSR’s Business Leadership for an Inclusive Economy initiative, we are running an interview series with thought leaders from business, government, civil society, academia and philanthropy. Their voices and perspectives …


MadeRight Helping Apparel Designers Customize Sustainable Supply Chains

Image source: MadeRight by Brynn W. McNally If you’re a small-scale designer or apparel brand, managing your supply chain efficiently and sustainably can be a challenge.  MadeRight, a startup that recently launched out of  Y Combinator, wants to change that. MadeRight is helping designers simplify the textile manufacturing process through …


Tech Startup Helping Costco Cut Water Use by 22%

Image source: Apana by Brynn W. McNally As water-dependent companies seek to cut their usage and survive through punishing droughts, Costco is finding solutions with the help of the latest computing technologies – the cloud, data algorithms, wireless tech and low-cost sensors. Through a partnership with Washington-based startup Apana, the …