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Restaurants are Prioritizing Sustainability in 2017

When you study recent trends in the food and restaurant industry, it’s obvious that sustainability is more than a passing fad. We’re seeing more and more partners in the industry turning towards efficiency in how they source, create, and deliver food – and consumers are demanding it. read more Powered …

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Ebook offers plans for fast, simple, and scalable DIY solar-plus-battery system

© Solar Station by Derek Markham It’s a tiny power plant for a tiny home! This forthcoming ebook promises to help you build a standalone solar power station for hyperlocal clean energy generation. Home solar power is rapidly becoming a reality for many, thanks to great financial incentives, creative financing options, …

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Isn’t sustainability your job? Why it’s time to be nice at work

ShutterstockGyorgy Barna Social niceties have a serious role to play in the sustainability workplace. by Jeffrey Hollender A recent New York Times story confirmed my suspicion that the primary reason most employees hate their jobs are lousy managers. Bad managers destroy motivation, passion, interest and curiosity. Bad managers even adversely affect …

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This Kit For A DIY Water Filter Cleans Your Water Without Any Chemicals

It’s a lot easier to clean your water when you can do it using local materials. by ADELE PETERS Getting a drink of water in rural Kenya might mean a six-mile walk to a well. But a new kit for a DIY water filter makes it possible to cheaply purify polluted …

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Why We’re All a Part of the Green Electronics Conversation

By Jonas Allen Have you ever seen one of those signs in your office encouraging you to recycle electronics? It exists for good reason: In 2014 alone, 41.8 million metric tons of e-wastewas shipped to developing countries, posing an immense risk to environmental and human health. Electronics are evolving at …

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Biodegradable disposable plates are made from food waste

© WhoMade & Michela Milani by Kimberley Mok Disposable plates and cutlery are a real pain on the environment — ending up in landfills, oceans or worse. Designers have come up with a variety of solutions, creating disposable tableware from plant-based materials, dough or even orange peels. Tackling the issue of …

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Woodzee sunglasses give back more than they take

© Woodzee by Margaret Badore Woodzee founder Luke Winter was a geography major in college, and also studied environmentalism. But instead of going into the modern world of cartography, he instead opened a clothing store in Chico, California. After 11 years of selling clothing, he decided to combine his love of …

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How important is your personal carbon footprint?

by Sami Grover © Nissan I asked a few weeks back whether you’d buy a used Nissan LEAF, revealing that I myself am mulling such a purchase. No sooner do I start to explore the decision in depth that some of those familiar naysaying headlines start popping up. Over at Autoblog …

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Fable Naturals’ skincare products are wonderfully green and Fairtrade

© Fable Naturals (via Etsy) by Katherine Martinko It’s tough to find a green skincare company that’s Fairtrade, too, but this Vancouver-based company does a great job of doing both. Fable Naturals is a young, three-year-old company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, that offers a fresh take on the cosmetics industry. …

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Would You Use an App to Pick Up Your Trash?

A garbage collector empties a small residential garbage bin into his truck in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) by LAURA BLISS So you’ve got a plus-sized haul of Hefty bags after a particularly well-attended July 4th party. Or a hulking mattress you’ve vacuum-sealed in plastic and spray-painted with a pentagram (what everyone …