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Top 10 biggest global concerns, according to millennials

From climate change and destruction of nature to lack of education and employment, here’s what’s worrying the world’s young adults. It seems that just about every generation gets blamed for something; those born in the 1980s and 90s are no different. Going by the accounts of the snarky media, one …

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How Much Are Trees Worth to Megacities?

In a metropolis teeming with shuffling crowds, cranes and high-rises aren’t the only things that ought to be reaching skywards. Megacities—those urban centers crammed with more than 10 million people—would be well served to double down on their arboreal assets, according to a new paper in the upcoming issue of …

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Charting the Planet’s Path to 100% Renewable Energy

How quickly could the majority of planet wean itself off of coal, oil, and gas? For $124.7 trillion, perhaps within just a few decades. That’s according to the latest research by the Stanford University professor of civil and environmental engineering Mark Z. Jacobson. In a study published in the new …

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Food Waste, Hunger, Energy and Growth in New York City

Cities are growing. So, too, is the collective demand for food production and waste collection. In New York City – home to about 8.5 million people – more than 6 million tons of waste is disposed of every year. Nearly a third of that waste is organic, including food that: …


The Israeli public says no to fracking

Do people have the right to say no to corporations that come into their communities and create environmental and health risks? In Israel, the public is proving that they do. Powered by WPeMatico

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Share your idea for how big data can help the environment and score a trip to the Eye on Earth Summit in Abu Dhabi

© Eye on Earth Summit by Margaret Badore The Eye on Earth Summit aims to harness the power of data and new data gathering technologies to help the environment and support sustainable development. The summit is hosted by the Abu Dhabi Global Environmental Data Initiative and the United Nations Environment Programme. …


CRC boosts energy efficiency in 56% of businesses

The carbon reduction commitment scheme (CRC) has driven energy efficiency investments in over half of businesses, according to a report for the energy and climate change department (Decc). The report assesses the impact of the scheme since it began in 2010 and was produced by CAG Consultants, Imperial College, the …


How to Breathe Easy in Polluted Cities

Residents wearing masks on a hazy day in Beijing, October 9, 2014. (REUTERS/Barry Huang) by SARAH O’MEARA Before leaving the house, residents of Delhi and Beijing are as likely to check the city’s Air Quality Index (AQI rating) as the weather forecast. Once the level of pollutants reaches a critical concentration—which …


How Much Smog Did You Breathe Today? Wearable Sensors Measure Your Pollution Intake While You Bike

Researchers are studying the health cost of being healthy on your commute. by JAY CASSANO Biking to work is often touted as a healthy alternative to driving or taking public transportation. Indeed, it’s a great way to build exercise and stress-reduction into your daily routine. But biking isn’t all that healthy …

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What should a no-carbon democracy look like?

Halting planetary warming is fundamental. But as we find safe and affordable solutions to our future society’s energy needs, how could we build a world that is more equal and more democratic? Steve Bass argued in an IIED blog that in order for green economy approaches to produce inclusion and …