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Top 10 biggest global concerns, according to millennials

From climate change and destruction of nature to lack of education and employment, here’s what’s worrying the world’s young adults. It seems that just about every generation gets blamed for something; those born in the 1980s and 90s are no different. Going by the accounts of the snarky media, one …

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How Climate Change Affects Building Design

by Glenn Meyers The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative estimates the construction trades contribute as much as 30% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and consume up to 40% of all energy used worldwide. Today, climate change is having a powerful effect on how buildings are …

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Collaborative Conservation: Taking the Lead on Climate Resilience

By McGee Young As we confront the fact that we’ve long since surpassed greenhouse gas concentrations that will irrevocably change the climate, we have to ask: What can “sustainability” achieve for future generations at this point? How will business lead on critical environmental issues in the coming decades? Faced with the …

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A new approach to climate resilient drylands agriculture

A new book which aims to provide fresh perspectives on drylands development will be launched in Nairobi on 28 April The new book will be launched at a press conference on Tuesday 28 April at 7am at the Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi. ] The Kenyan National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) and …


The Conservative Method of Resilience Planning

by JAMES BRASUELL Explaining how planning and building for resilience reconciles with Conservative politics. Aaron Renn acknowledges that recent efforts to plan and build for resilience around the country, spurred by the effects of climate change, might, at first blush, be off-putting to Conservatives: “Among those who study cities, ‘resilience’ has …


Answers to CA drought: regulate groundwater use, grow less thirsty crops, apply tech

Agne27 at Wikimedia Commons Drip irrigation systems like the one pictured above use much less water than traditional spray irrigation. by Charles Iceland When California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered mandatory reductions in water use last week, it came as no surprise in a state that’s experienced an extended and unprecedented drought. …

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How to measure a global goal for adaptation?

by Susannah Fisher Climate negotiators are discussing how to set a global goal for climate change adaptation. It’s important for the negotiators learn from experiences and evidence gained at country level – so they can develop a goal that reflects differing national realities. Discussions have been heating up at the United …

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Planning for Climate Change on the Shores of the Great Lakes

by JAMES BRASUELL Two academic researchers explain the planning and landscape architecture opportunities offered by the “dramatic fluctuations” and “emergent shorelands” of the Great Lakes Coasts. Karen Lutsky and Sean Burkholder write about the impact of climate change on coastlines along the Great Lakes. The potential impacts of rising sea …

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One way to up the ante on resilience: funding tied to climate goals

 Shutterstock by John Upton Federal funds that help communities brace for emergencies will stop being provided to states if they ignore threats posed by climate change in their disaster planning. States publish reports every five years or so detailing their vulnerability to natural disasters, such as floods, storms and wildfires, and …

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Climate Change Puts California Economy at Risk of Collapse

A man walks across the dry, cracked bed of Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo, California, last year. by Bill Roth California faces one more year of water supply. The state is in the grip of a record drought tied to climate change. This water crisis holds the potential to collapse …