The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement’s Newest Strategy: Alternative Endowments

University alumni are funding fossil fuel-free endowments to show that more money will flow when coal isn’t on the investment menu. If there’s one universal college experience, it’s that when you take off that graduation robe, you’d better turn your phone on silent. You’re about to start getting calls, mailings, …

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5 ways to apply natural capital valuation in your business

by Libby Bernick Natural capital is a new way for business to think of the environment — a way that overcomes the current disconnect between economic growth and nature. To grow revenue, all companies depend on the Earth’s support systems such as a stable climate or clean water, as well as …

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Energy Efficiency Is A Great Investment, So Why Aren’t More People Investing?

Saving energy is a totally rational, totally hard thing to do. Energy-efficiency investments are the best type of energy investments. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy says saving one kilowatt hour (kWh) of power costs 2.8 cents on average, against a cost of 10 cents per kWh for producing actual power. Many companies have …

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Three Promising Strategies for Financing Sustainable Cities

Sustainable, accessible, thriving cities are within our reach. Investing in solutions like energy and building efficiency, integrated public transit and better land use and transit planning can improve health, quality of life and economic opportunities in cities. In fact, the Better Growth, Better Climate report from The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate finds more …


Recyclebank Celebrates 10 Years, 1.5 Billion Pounds of Waste Recycled in 2013

2014 marks Recyclebank’s 10th year of inspiring and rewarding smarter, everyday choices for a more sustainable future. Founded in 2004, the company set out with a simple idea: Could education and incentives get people to recycle more? After bringing millions of people together with more than 2,500 local and national …