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Carbon-neutral isn’t enough: Why companies need to step up on removal

Shutterstock How can companies reduce their past carbon footprint? by Noah Deich Large companies such as Microsoft are at the forefront of proposals to eliminate carbon emissions entirely in their operations to fight climate change and grow in a sustainable manner. However, while eliminating future emissions is an important first step …

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Six reasons to respond to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index survey

Shutterstock Ismagilov There are many good reasons to respond to the DJSI…but there are also a few questions to ask before your company begins. by Jessica Urdangarin and Brittany VanderBeek In the competitive atmosphere of sustainability ratings and rankings, it is easy to get lost in the race to earn the highest …

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The 10 Most Sustainable Cities That Will Thrive As The World Crumbles

Frankfurt comes out on top of a new ranking that examines the world’s most sustainable cities. A new ranking looks at three factors that go into making a city successful: people, planet, and profit. When we talk about the future of societies, a lot of times we mean the future …

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Would You Really Call Frankfurt The World’s Most Sustainable City?

Hong Kong is ranked the 8th most sustainable city. by David Thorpe The first question I ask myself when I see lists of “the most sustainable cities in the world” is: what are the criteria used? The multinational construction firm Arcadis has produced its own list, out of a sample list …