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Daoukro, Ivory Coast Launches First Waste Management and Sanitation Trainings

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As part of their urban sanitation platform, the Ivory Coast’s Ministry of the Environment, Urban Sanitation, and Sustainable Development (MINESUDD) initiated a series of actions that brought sanitation infrastructure to all cities. These actions also lead to the creation of organized local waste management systems.

It is within these unfolding events that the Commune of Daoukro, Ivory Coast, West Africa, was able to benefit from the construction of one waste consolidation facility and four consolidation stations. In order to optimally use these new facilities and ensure the long-term sustainability of their resulting services, a management blueprint was created. To solidify waste management’s presence and proper implementation, the plan required reinforcing the locals’ role in waste management. This was the justification for having the MINESUDD set-up and provide waste management system training in the commune of Daoukro between March 19-21, 2015.

This mission, of which the final goal is to improve the quality of life, allowed the MINESUDD to provide the Commune of Daoukro with public sanitation equipment, notably garbage cans, garbage bags, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, gloves, dust masks, professional waste management outfits, and boots. The MINESUDD were also able to train the personnel hired to work in waste management and sanitation.

Waste clean up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa

They trained garbage collectors to collect various forms of household waste and similar waste, and made them familiar with waste management structures and procedures. The general public was also made aware of waste handling and packaging, including the promotion of bio-degradable garbage bags. Finally, the MINESUDD assured followups and a later evaluation on the commune’s waste management systems.

The official delivery of sanitation equipment was organized in the presence of administrative authorities and local politicians. These materials were delivered to the prefect by the Director of Urban Sanitation, Dr. Kamenan Omer Pokou, where he was received by the Mayor. An awareness campaign was started by the Regional Department of the Environment, Urban Sanitation, and Sustainable Development. They regularly organize information points at meeting places of associations, religious groups, businesses, young people, and students. In the same vein, a special 1 hour 20 minute radio live-stream, including talks with all of the parties involved, was organized by the region. The stream was sent out on the radio to areas surrounding Daoukro in French and local languages (Baule and Maninka).

How is waste management handled within your community? Has your local government provided aid to communities in order to create better waste management or sanitation systems? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments area below.

Credits: Image 1 by jbdodane, Image 2 by Guillaume Dje. Data linked to sources.

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