Green Business Tools Made Easy:

There’s a new way for businesses large and small to pursue green business practices, and it’s Offering a complete platform for businesses to target facility costs, productivity costs, employee health costs, and sustainability costs from one source, is a quick, pain-free for a company to adopt a sustainability plan, gain customer acquisition with a greener brand, and attract key talent. is a community-oriented platform developed to encourage the joy of sustainable living with people all over the planet.  Using special weekly contests, daily dares, badges, coupons, and other fun and rewarding incentives for going green, hopes to create a learning, growing, and greening platform that will generate a more sustainable world.

There are many ways a business can use to adopt greener principles and practices.

  • Setting green, healthy goals: provides tools for helping businesses set sustainability and health and wellness goals at the corporate level.
  • Tracking tools: Through, businesses can track and measure their green and health-related efforts on a business and employee level. This includes scores, group scores, and goals versus actual reporting.
  • Rewards and recognition: Using the platform, a business can reward and recognize the actions taken by employees, both personally and as part of the business community.
  • Education and motivation: makes it easy for businesses to educate and inspire their employees to become greener and healthy by providing multiple points of contact to engage and motivate people to live more sustainability.

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It’s easy for a company to sign up and get all of the benefits of There is no software to install or product investment to make since the platform functions from the cloud. By simply signing up at, a business can have a sustainability plan up in running in no time at all. Employees can then sign up and take both personal and professional actions, all of which are managed with the same log-in information. Multi-directional communication between corporate leadership and employees makes it easy to engage and encourage employee adoption without internal marketing and campaigning.

Businesses can choose from either a per-user or overall company license for But the really great news is that is free for the first year, with the purchase of an annual Professional Services package. Signing up for is an excellent investment, with an expected return on investment per employee of 10 to 36 times what is costs for the license (based on wellness and green programming scope and reach). You’ll also see an increase in employee morale and productivity, and better talent acquisition and retention by being part of

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