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Leaders Turn to LEED in the Sichuan Province of China

By Morgan Bulman, Communications & Media Relations Intern. In late June, a delegation from the Sichuan Province of China took time out of their busy schedules while touring the U.S. to visit the USGBC Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and discuss sustainable development in their region. Sichuan Province, home to 80 million people …

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4 Strategies for Retail+Property Development Bringing Sustainable Transit-Oriented Districts to Chinese Cities

  China’s rapid urbanization has dramatically increased the need for public transit infrastructure.  To accommodate these changes, it’s estimated that China needs to expand urban rail by at least 3000 kilometers by 2020—approximately a $4 trillion investment. In Chinese cities, funding for large-scale urban transit infrastructure traditionally comes from two …

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7 Opportunities for Green Buildings in China, According to Developers

China’s low-carbon future depends on green buildings. With nearly 2 billion square meters of new floor space added each year, China’s building sector offers tremendous opportunities for the country to move toward a cleaner economy. These recommendations are based on a comprehensive literature review and a number of interviews that …


Watch the Film They Don’t Want You to See: Under The Dome

Under the Dome, a Chinese documentary film that exposes the truth about pollution in China, has been watched by more than 200 million viewers there. It was just shown in Washington, D.C. at the Woodrow Wilson Center, at an event sponsored by the Kissinger Institute on China and the China …

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Ways Forward from China’s Urban Waste Problem

Landfill in the outskirts of Beijing. Photo: Liwen Chen By Judy Li Urban waste management is a crucial component of our constant interaction with the environment within and around our cities. Managing waste efficiently and sustainably is a unique challenge for us all that depends on development trends, socioeconomic composition, …

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A Movable Skyscraper to Filter China’s Nasty Air

Alexander Balchin Despite China’s avowed war on pollution, the air above its major cities continues to resemble the grayish pea soup of an airport’s smoking room. But designer Alexander Balchin believes he’s devised a way to clear up this choking mess: a skyscraper that sucks in dirty air at the …


China’s top leaders skip the Climate Summit – but actions speak louder than words

The world’s biggest CO2 emitter, China, had a low key presence at the UN Climate Summit yesterday, writes Alex Loy, giving a strong hint that its leaders have lost faith in the ailing UN climate process. But the country is pushing hard on climate solutions at home, including a national …


Horrifingly Beautiful Photos Show The Human Cost Of China’s Massive Pollution Problem

Gritty, detailed scenes from some of China’s most polluted places will make you grateful for the air you breathe. Headlines about China’s record-breaking pollution are usually accompanied by hazy photos of the Beijing skyline and statistics so large they seem abstract: 1.2 million Chinese people die because of air pollution …

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WRI Hosts Workshop on Energy Savings and CO2 Reductions in the Chinese Cement Industry

As cement production is responsible for five percent of global carbon dioxide emissions, it is considered a key target for climate change mitigation. China alone accounts for 45 percent of global cement manufacture and consumption. Recognizing the significance of the Chinese cement industry as a big-hitting, carbon and energy-intensive sector, WRI hosted …