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Why Cities Need Youth Innovation for a Low Carbon Future

by Ivan Bruce Squee Mobile App winning the Jakarta Urban Challenge, with Governor Ahok of Jakarta, Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank and John Rossant of New Cities Foundation. Given our increasingly complex and dynamic world, cities need to be continuously innovating in order to solve pressing social and environmental problems. Many …

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Banks Should Lend World’s Top 500 Cities At Least $1bn to Tackle Climate Change – NCE-2015 Report

by David Thorpe Multilateral development banks, donors and others should lend the world’s top 500 cities at least US$1 billion to help them implement low carbon urban development strategies by 2020, according to the New Climate Economy 2015 report. This report, published today by the Global Commission on the Economy …

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How To Reduce the Carbon Emissions Impact of Travel [Infographic]

by David Thorpe What might be the best and least best tactics for reducing the environmental impact of your travel? Here they are, from best to worst: Avoid motorised transport completely; Use public transport; Use a car share powered by renewable energy; Use a car share powered by petrol; Use a …

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How to Create A Sustainable Community with Public Works [infographic]

by Kiva Bottero Communities both big and small are having a sustainable makeover in order to reduce energy demand, utilize renewable power, and lessen their environmental impact. This infographic provides an in-depth look at sustainable communities, highlighting their environmental necessity, as well as their financial practicality. Source: Screen reader version: Sustainability is …

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International Regional and Local Leaders Call on Cities to Bind Together for Justice and Climate Action

by David Thorpe Around 200 representatives of local and regional governments from over 35 countries and all world continents participated in the UCLG Executive Bureau meetings that took place between 10 and 12 June 2015 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, focusing on the Post-2015 development programme and the New Urban Agenda. The …

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How Greening Our Streets Can Also Make Them More Resilient to Extreme Weather

by Kaid Benfield In the circles I travel, there is a lot of discussion about the importance of streets and their design to our communities. In short, for many decades there has been too little attention paid to the effect of streets on pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, merchants and their customers, …

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How Climate Change Affects Building Design

by Glenn Meyers The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative estimates the construction trades contribute as much as 30% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and consume up to 40% of all energy used worldwide. Today, climate change is having a powerful effect on how buildings are …

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Malé: Can This City on the Sea Ever Become Sustainable?

Located on a small island in the middle of an ocean, Malé faces a host of challenges. Photo: Shahee Ilas. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons by Charles Arthur The Republic of Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean consisting of a double chain …

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How to Accelerate the Spread of Healthy, Green Roofs in Cities

2.2m square feet of green roofs were installed in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area alone in 2013. It leads the USA in green roof installation. But what is slowing the growth of the otherwise promising green roof industry? Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is finding out and challenging the barriers. …

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Harnessing Youth Innovation: Are You Up for The Urban Challenge? Deadline in 4 Days

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller, American architect, designer, author, inventor by Ivan Bruce The Jakarta Urban Challenge, run by Connect4Climate and the New Cities Foundation, allows young innovators to put their creativity …