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Carbon-neutral isn’t enough: Why companies need to step up on removal

Shutterstock How can companies reduce their past carbon footprint? by Noah Deich Large companies such as Microsoft are at the forefront of proposals to eliminate carbon emissions entirely in their operations to fight climate change and grow in a sustainable manner. However, while eliminating future emissions is an important first step …

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Building a More Competitive Mexico City Through Energy Efficiency

Mexico City – 1 of 5 global cities – is now working on a Building Efficiency Accelerator for retrofitting buildings to use less energy and make them competitive. At least 20 percent of the city’s emissions come from buildings, so improving energy use will help the city hit its goal of …

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IBM, Honeywell, CH2M Hill join White House on emissions cuts

Shutterstock WELBURNSTUART by Barbara Grady The administration said it seeks to “encourage continued progress across the Federal supply chain” in reducing GHG emissions. The notion of confronting environmental risks embedded in complex global supply chains got a big endorsement last week; President Barack Obama made a pledge that the federal government will …

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How to finally take science-based goals from rhetoric to reality

by Dave Knight Sustainability is mainstreaming, right? You can’t walk through a city, listen to the news or buy a product without hearing something is sustainable, green, eco-friendly — and the list of claims goes on. So, how much of this is rhetoric, and how much of this actually can be …

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What California’s cap-and-trade success means for the low-carbon economy

Shutterstock SSuaPhotos by Barbara Grady Tailpipe emissions were included in California’s most recent cap and trade carbon allowance auction. Despite warnings that adding transportation fuels to California’s cap and trade system would wreak havoc on the market and hurt the state’s economy, the first auction to include emissions from cars, trucks, ships and the …


RMI enlists eBay, GM, HP to help double corporate renewables by 2025

Courtesy of SolarCity by: Heather Clancy E-commerce giant eBay, already a user of renewable energy from providers including SolarCity, has joined a new Rocky Mountain Institute initiative to ramp up corporate clean energy buying. Two-thirds of the Fortune 100 want to buy electricity generated by off-site renewable energy sources this year — …

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How should companies calculate and report electricity emissions?

With more electricity suppliers and products than ever, data has grown complicated, inconsistent and incomparable. by Mary Sotos Editor’s note: This article originally appeared at WRI. About 40 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from energy generation, and about half of that energy is consumed by industrial or commercial users. …

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The new GHG Protocol: What you need to report now

By Barbara Grady As Google, IKEA, Mars, H&M, Swiss Re and dozens of other companies drive down their greenhouse gas emissions — amid increasing scrutiny from consumers, investors and regulators — the methods for actually tallying their emissions have been a step behind. The need for sophisticated emissions accounting tools is especially pronounced …

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Why Cities are the Solution to Climate Change: A Q&A with Ani Dasgupta

2015 is a year of utmost importance for the global sustainable development agenda, and cities will play a pivotal role. Landmark global decisions over the next 12 months provide opportunities to unlock the potential of cities and improve quality of life for billions worldwide. TheCityFix sat down with Ani Dasgupta, Global …