Biofuels Make Headways into Jet Fuel Market

by IRVIN DAWID Jets no longer run solely on fuel derived from petroleum, thanks in part to Colorado-based Red Rock Biofuels. They signed contracts with FedEx and Southwest Airlines for “renewable jet fuel” that is derived from wood-based biomass. “FedEx is set to fly its jets on fuel made by Fort …

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Water Pipelines Powering Homes in Portland

by JAMES BRASUELL A new subterranean turbine technology is now generating enough electricity to power 150 homes in the city of Portland. “In Portland, Oregon, the city installed four of these pipe turbines along a single water pipe earlier this year, and this week announced that they’re successfully generating enough power for about …

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The Huge Potential for Passive Buildings in the Big Apple

by IRVIN DAWID In NYC, unlike most areas in the United States, buildings, rather than transportation, are the major source of carbon emissions. Passive buildings, with their negligible heating and cooling costs, could help meet carbon reduction goals. According to the Passivhaus Institut, a “house built to passive standards uses less than …

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Texas Town to Flip the Switch—100 Percent Renewable Energy

by JAMES BRASUELL Georgetown, located north of Austin and home to 54,000 Texans, will soon be a part of the future, by running completely on renewable energy. “Georgetown says it plans to be the first city in Texas entirely powered by renewable energy,” reports James Osborne. “The city’s electrical utility is …

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Who Will Win the Carbon Neutral Economy?

The fossil fuel industry has convinced the public that aggressive carbon reduction will harm the economy. Au contraire. The carbon reduction leader will secure its place at the top of the global economy, argues UrbDeZine Editor Bill Adams. Somethings, in hindsight, are obvious, though not so much before. The beneficial …

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Mining the City

By Amy Leitch and Laura Frost Rapid urbanization and climate change will make it harder for cities to provide crucial resources for their citizens. In this article, Arup consultants Amy Leitch and Laura Frost examine how the built environment can fill this emerging need. In the coming decades, climate change and …


Report: the American Economy is Running Cleaner and Greener

by JAMES BRASUELL Tim McDonnell shares news of a recent report outlining how Americans are using energy that offers climate change activists plenty of encouraging information. According to Tim McDonnell, the “Sustainable Energy in America” [pdf] report, released earlier this week by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, is “chock-full of kickass facts and figures …

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State of Green Business: Sustainability solutions become open, distributed

Companies in a growing number of sectors are giving up secrecy in favor of joint sustainability efforts. by Joel Makower This article is part of a series of excerpts from the 2015 State of Green Business report. In a world where information is power and sharing is the new currency, it makes …

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Ahead of Davos, WEF warns of dire environmental risks

Extreme weather is a leading threat to world stability, according to the WEF. By Will Nichols Editor’s note: This article originally appeared at Business Green. Water crises and extreme weather are among the greatest risks the world currently faces, according to the World Economic Forum. The 2015 edition of the WEF’s “Global Risk” …

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NuBryte Smart Home control system raises questions about what a smart home is supposed to do

An old rabbi once said “my life has been blessed, because I never knew I needed anything until I had it.” I often think of that phrase when someone pitches a new Smart Home device that promises to simplify our lives and save energy, like this one, theNuBryte from LUCIS technologies. Do …