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35-Story Carbon Neutral Timber Skyscraper Proposed for Paris

by Glenn Meyers   Vancouver architect Michael Green is a world leader in designing and building tall buildings out of wood and has co-authored the definitive book on the subject, called The Case For Tall Wood Towers. It has caused a stir among architects since it was first published in 2012. Now, in …

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Webinar Round-up: What Makes a Smart City?

Commuter cycling to work in a suit. by David Thorpe Last week’s webinar on Smart Cities by Sustainable Cities Collective was a successful discussion of many of the controversial aspects of smart cities. Here you can read the Twitter record (Storify) and below is the podcast and slide show. Listen here As …

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Architectural Fantasy and Social Reality: Two Types of Floating City

by Abdelbaseer A. Mohamed   Many architects have come up with innovative concepts of future utopian cities, some of which are related to smart, sustainable, and bio-tech innovation. However, it is not clear at the moment whether these cities can really address the challenges of tomorrow’s world, or if they are …

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Single-Family Can Be Urban, Too. But How Can It Be Sustainable?

Seattle, 1947. Photo © Seattle Municipal Archives By Alex Lenhoff American housing design is in need of a paradigm shift. Recognizing generational preferences, increasing affordability constraints, and sustainable solutions are needed to start a new chapter in the planning of our cities, especially when it comes to housing. But that doesn’t …

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What Will it Take to Create Smart Cities in India?

In June 2014, the Government of India announced its ambitious plan to build 100 smart cities across the country. This plan will be administered by the Ministry of Urban Development, and will focus on building new smart cities and redeveloping existing urban regions with populations of over 100,000 people. The government …


OmniProcessor Makes Drinking Water From Sewage

In many parts of the world, clean drinking water is more precious than gold. Either there is no waste water infrastructure or, if there is, the process is so basic it does little to nothing to treat the waste effectively. Much of it just gets dumped into the nearest river or ocean. Diseases caused by poor …


Now Is the Time for Cities to End Reliance on Fossil Fuels

The price of oil continues to fall, making investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency less economically attractive. But this is all the more reason why now is the time to switch. A recent post on our sister site, The Energy Collective, argues that the Saudis are willing to let the …


How Gravity (And a Little Coagulant) Could Transform How Communities Clean Water

by Theodore Brown   Purifying water is a problem as old as civilization. When people started living together in anything bigger than traveling bands of shepherds and hunters, potable water became a shrinking resource. The rotating belt of local oases or springs could satisfy you while you were constantly on …

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As Cities Grow, So Should Their Energy Efficiency

If you want to find major emitters of greenhouse gases, look no further than your city’s skyline. Buildings account for more than one-third of all final energy consumption and half of global electricity use. They’re responsible for approximately one-third of global carbon dioxide emissions. While rapid urban development demands new infrastructure, …