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Are Industrial Facilities Too Large and Complex for LEED?

by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Manufacturing and industrial facilities operate on a vastly different scale compared to a home, an office building, or even a university campus. Instead, we should compare a factory site or an industrial facility campus to a small city. Intel’s Ocotillo Campus is 682 acres; it’s …

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Revealed: LEED-Certified Apartments Earn 9% Higher Rents

by GBIG Insight In working with the commercial real estate industry on sustainable and energy efficient (SEE) real estate, one of the most frequent inquiries we receive is: why should I pay to certify my property as “green,” when I can instead use the funds required for certification to better improve …

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Building a More Competitive Mexico City Through Energy Efficiency

Mexico City – 1 of 5 global cities – is now working on a Building Efficiency Accelerator for retrofitting buildings to use less energy and make them competitive. At least 20 percent of the city’s emissions come from buildings, so improving energy use will help the city hit its goal of …

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Triumph of the City: Book Report

In Triumph of the City, renowned economist Edward Glaeser presents a clear case for why our cities are our greatest inventions, how they make us richer, smarter, greener, healthier, and happier, and how we can improve them. Cities cluster talent and economic strength and their density insures people are happier because …

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How To Turn Plastic Bottles Into Twine [VIDEO]

by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg As a good greenie, I’d argue that plastic bottles are one of those things we should mostly “reduce” our use of rather than “recycle”. But I do use them: I generally don’t buy bottled water or soft drinks, but my pantry and fridge – probably much like yours – contain numerous …

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A Cold Ski Town is Building One of the First Vertical Farms in the World

 by Brandon Donnelly I have a soft spot for Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s a beautiful town and, out of all the places I’ve snowboarded, it’s easily my favorite. That’s why I was excited to learn that Jackson is currently building one of the first vertical farms in the world (and in a …

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Single-Family Can Be Urban, Too. But How Can It Be Sustainable?

Seattle, 1947. Photo © Seattle Municipal Archives By Alex Lenhoff American housing design is in need of a paradigm shift. Recognizing generational preferences, increasing affordability constraints, and sustainable solutions are needed to start a new chapter in the planning of our cities, especially when it comes to housing. But that doesn’t …

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Would A Rewards Program Encourage You To Recycle More?

by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg I know a lot of people wonder why they don’t get paid for recyclable materials – after all, there is a market for these materials. But, in essence, we do: we get paid in the convenience of curbside and single-stream programs. We’ve always had the option of taking materials to a recycler …

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Peru’s Climate Leaders Awarded over $11 Million for Low-Carbon Urban Transport

Peru was recently awarded €9 million ($11.14 million) for its urban transport Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) by the German and British NAMA facility. This climate finance award will allow the Peruvian government to leverage $50 million from development aid agencies – especially KfW, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and CAF Development Bank of Latin America …


How Gravity (And a Little Coagulant) Could Transform How Communities Clean Water

by Theodore Brown   Purifying water is a problem as old as civilization. When people started living together in anything bigger than traveling bands of shepherds and hunters, potable water became a shrinking resource. The rotating belt of local oases or springs could satisfy you while you were constantly on …