The Problem with Incinerating Waste: It’s Not What You Think

by Cathy Rust A Canadian delegation of environmental entrepreneurs and journalists were invited to Poland to attend Poleko in Octover, 2014. This is Poland’s largest environmental protection trade fair. I had meetings with many people around the subject of construction waste management. Europe in general and Germany in particular are …

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Keep America Beautiful Releases Workplace Recycling Study Results

by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg   Like everything else in a business setting, measuring workplace recycling efforts and challenges ensures that they will be better managed. So non-profit Keep America Beautiful has released the first wave of data and findings from its “Recycling at Work” study. As you might imagine, office recycling practices …


The 5 business models that put the circular economy to work

by Jennifer Gerholdt Shutterstock dextroza Corn husk is waste to some—but to a circular economy business, it’s biofuel. As our global economy continues to grow — by 2030 the planet will be home to nearly 9 billion people, including 3 billion middle-class consumers — the challenges of meeting this increasing demand for …


American Recycling: Time to Revalue and Recoup

by Tyler Caine Within the realm of broad sustainability efforts in the USA, recycling could be considered one of the veterans. Recycling programs have existed in America since the 1990s, but despite their longevity, they still have not yet reached their maturity, falling short of refined systems streamlined for maximum impact …

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Consumers Need Help in Recycling Plastic

 Do you have trouble remembering which plastics can go in your recycling bin? Even if you can figure out the number on that stamped symbol on the bottom of a plastic container, you may not remember offhand if your recycling program accepts, say, #6 or #7 plastics. You may just …

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How To Turn Plastic Bottles Into Twine [VIDEO]

by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg As a good greenie, I’d argue that plastic bottles are one of those things we should mostly “reduce” our use of rather than “recycle”. But I do use them: I generally don’t buy bottled water or soft drinks, but my pantry and fridge – probably much like yours – contain numerous …

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Pop-Up Restaurant Will Put Food Waste On The Menu

  by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg The pop-up restaurant serving food that would otherwise go to waste sounds like something you’d expect from activists, right? Sure… and we’ve seen it before. But you wouldn’t expect celebrity chefs to try something like this, right? Don’t tell that to Dan Barber, co-owner of Blue Hill Farm and its associated …


There’s How Much Plastic In The Ocean? [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg We’ve taken a look at a number of ventures aimed at making use of plastic in the ocean, and we’d love to believe they could make a sizable dent in this pollution source. But, of course, to determine that, we’ve got to know how much plastic waste we’re …


The Waste Biz: Time To Shake Up The Recycling Business?

by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg A few years ago here in St. Louis, you couldn’t turn on local news or open a newspaper without seeing a report on copper theft. Old abandoned buildings were getting their old copper pipes stripped, and newer air conditioners were getting taken just for the copper in …


The Waste Biz: Using An Anaerobic Digester To Turn Brewery Waste Into Energy

by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg Turning brewery waste into energy isn’t a new idea: all of that spent grain has captured the imagination of waste entrepreneurs before. A partnership between Utah-based Pure Energy Group (PEG) and Devil’s Canyon Brewery in San Carlos, California, is a first, though, in the sense that the waste-to-energy plant installed at the brewery “first …