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Dear Shannon: How to make a mid-career leap into sustainability

Shutterstock NEIL ROY JOHNSON Only you can steer your career. by Shannon Houde If you have a question for Shannon, send it to shannon@walkoflifeconsulting.com. Dear Shannon, I’m hoping you can help me make a career change. I have worked in publishing for the last 15 years in both production and marketing roles. Three …

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How to finally take science-based goals from rhetoric to reality

by Dave Knight Sustainability is mainstreaming, right? You can’t walk through a city, listen to the news or buy a product without hearing something is sustainable, green, eco-friendly — and the list of claims goes on. So, how much of this is rhetoric, and how much of this actually can be …

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How Unilever, Facebook, HP and others lead through collaboration

What will the collaborations of the future look like? The latest Globescan/SustainAbility survey asked sustainability pros. by Tove Malmqvist Collaboration is vital for making significant progress on some of the world’s biggest challenges. In the next few years, multinational companies will be the key drivers of broad-scale collaborations to advance the …

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Do you live in one of the world’s 50 most sustainable cities?

WIth a robust economy and serious efforts to improve air quality, this German city won top honors in the ARCADIS Sustainability Cities Index. by Stephen Kennett If you live in Frankfurt, you’ve got a reason to be cheerful. Germany’s fifth largest city was this week crowned number one in the ARCADIS Sustainable …

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Sustainability is the new legacy for CEOs

CEOs reflect on what they can achieve during their time on the job and how they’ll be remembered. by Ellen Weinreb President Barack Obama is building his green legacy, including a recently announced joint agreement with China to reduce carbon emissions. In this year’s State of the Union address, Obama remarked on climate …

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3 services that simplify sustainability reporting

From collecting data to filling in forms, these 3 services ease sustainability reporting. by Michael Ansaldo As companies are increasingly asked or required to supply information on their sustainability performance, corporate reporters are faced with a range of challenges, from collecting and analyzing data from disparate sources to compliance with a variety …


How putting a price on nature can help alleviate poverty

Indigenous children pose with a llama near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Sixty percent of Bolivians live below the poverty line, and around half of those in poverty are indigenous. Flickr Adam Jones2005 by Simon Roach You don’t have to go far in Bolivia to find treasure. It’s everywhere: in the vast Amazonian …

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‘What if…?’ questions for 2015 pave the path to a better future

Asking the right questions will propel us farther along the path to sustainability. Have you heard the story about a wise person who asks travelers what kinds of people they expect to meet during their journeys? One traveler responds “kind people.” Another expects quite the opposite. In both cases, the …