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Webinar Round-up: What Makes a Smart City?

Commuter cycling to work in a suit. by David Thorpe Last week’s webinar on Smart Cities by Sustainable Cities Collective was a successful discussion of many of the controversial aspects of smart cities. Here you can read the Twitter record (Storify) and below is the podcast and slide show. Listen here As …

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New Urban Innovation Centre Will Incubate Ideas for Smarter Cities

The UK Business Secretary, Vince Cable, Claire Mookerjee, Project Lead Urbanism @futurecitiescat, and Peter Madden, CEO of Future Cities Catapult, at the Urban Innovation Centre opening yesterday. by David Thorpe A new Urban Innovation Centre has opened in London as a facility for urban innovators, particularly in the area of ‘smart’ cities, to …

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Consumers Need Help in Recycling Plastic

 Do you have trouble remembering which plastics can go in your recycling bin? Even if you can figure out the number on that stamped symbol on the bottom of a plastic container, you may not remember offhand if your recycling program accepts, say, #6 or #7 plastics. You may just …


A New Map of the World’s Ecosystems

A new, free, web-based tool from the US Geological Survey (USGS) and ESRI allows us to gain a better understanding of the ecological character of any place in the world. As the team explains, the web site can be used by everyone — from local government officials and planners to landscape architects …


OmniProcessor Makes Drinking Water From Sewage

In many parts of the world, clean drinking water is more precious than gold. Either there is no waste water infrastructure or, if there is, the process is so basic it does little to nothing to treat the waste effectively. Much of it just gets dumped into the nearest river or ocean. Diseases caused by poor …

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Three Promising Strategies for Financing Sustainable Cities

Sustainable, accessible, thriving cities are within our reach. Investing in solutions like energy and building efficiency, integrated public transit and better land use and transit planning can improve health, quality of life and economic opportunities in cities. In fact, the Better Growth, Better Climate report from The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate finds more …

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Unlocking Low-Carbon Growth Through Energy Efficient Cities

Urbanization is reshaping the economy, energy systems, and climate of our planet. By 2050, the world’s cities are expected to add 2.5 billion people who will need housing, hospitals, schools, and places to work. Though global greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow, new practices in building energy efficiency and urban design can harness …

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10 Stages to a Passive Solar Building from Design to Build

By David Thorpe Some aspects of a zero carbon building in the northern hemisphere, temperate zone. Passive solar architectural principles have come of age. They have given rise to thousands of buildings of all sizes and purposes around the world, in all climate types, to demonstrate how buildings don’t need to …