Biofuels Make Headways into Jet Fuel Market

by IRVIN DAWID Jets no longer run solely on fuel derived from petroleum, thanks in part to Colorado-based Red Rock Biofuels. They signed contracts with FedEx and Southwest Airlines for “renewable jet fuel” that is derived from wood-based biomass. “FedEx is set to fly its jets on fuel made by Fort …

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How To Reduce the Carbon Emissions Impact of Travel [Infographic]

by David Thorpe What might be the best and least best tactics for reducing the environmental impact of your travel? Here they are, from best to worst: Avoid motorised transport completely; Use public transport; Use a car share powered by renewable energy; Use a car share powered by petrol; Use a …

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How to Create A Sustainable Community with Public Works [infographic]

by Kiva Bottero Communities both big and small are having a sustainable makeover in order to reduce energy demand, utilize renewable power, and lessen their environmental impact. This infographic provides an in-depth look at sustainable communities, highlighting their environmental necessity, as well as their financial practicality. Source: Screen reader version: Sustainability is …

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4 Strategies for Retail+Property Development Bringing Sustainable Transit-Oriented Districts to Chinese Cities

  China’s rapid urbanization has dramatically increased the need for public transit infrastructure.  To accommodate these changes, it’s estimated that China needs to expand urban rail by at least 3000 kilometers by 2020—approximately a $4 trillion investment. In Chinese cities, funding for large-scale urban transit infrastructure traditionally comes from two …

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Mexico City’s New Airport [VIDEO] Can It Really Be Sustainable?

“… Mexico has really seized the initiative…There will be nothing else like it in the world.” In late 2014 Foster + Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants) won the international competition to design Mexico City’s new international airport. This one will be one of the world’s …

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Webinar Round-up: What Makes a Smart City?

Commuter cycling to work in a suit. by David Thorpe Last week’s webinar on Smart Cities by Sustainable Cities Collective was a successful discussion of many of the controversial aspects of smart cities. Here you can read the Twitter record (Storify) and below is the podcast and slide show. Listen here As …

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Triumph of the City: Book Report

In Triumph of the City, renowned economist Edward Glaeser presents a clear case for why our cities are our greatest inventions, how they make us richer, smarter, greener, healthier, and happier, and how we can improve them. Cities cluster talent and economic strength and their density insures people are happier because …

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What California’s cap-and-trade success means for the low-carbon economy

Shutterstock SSuaPhotos by Barbara Grady Tailpipe emissions were included in California’s most recent cap and trade carbon allowance auction. Despite warnings that adding transportation fuels to California’s cap and trade system would wreak havoc on the market and hurt the state’s economy, the first auction to include emissions from cars, trucks, ships and the …

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The World’s Most Livable Cities

  by Christopher Berggren A well publicized survey of the most livable cities has been released by lifestyle magazine Monocle, which weighs public transportation, quality of architecture, access to nature, business conditions, tolerance, safety/crime, international connectivity, urban design, and others. The reader should consider that population densities are not always perfect indicators of …

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City Leaders Must Engage Citizen Support for Sustainable Infrastructure – EIU Report

by David Thorpe A section of Line One of the Panama City Metro, built by FCC Construction. Urban infrastructure and services in cities around the world are in need of major investment within the next five years if they are to remain adequate, according to 68% of respondents to a survey …