We are an organization that specializes in sustainable development issues that seeks to integrate knowledge and solutions for a positive spread in society consultation. We seek social awareness to be an economically viable means of contact between buyers and sellers of products and services, and to give comprehensive solutions to achieve real sustainable development. We are a nonpartisan partnership in pursuit of common good.



Be agents of change and transform the world in which we live with actions that are within our reach. Be a source of inspiration in sustainable development, providing accessibility, knowledge, solutions, opportunities and added value to society and businesses.



Being a source of reference on topics of sustainable development, expanding awareness and generating actions to search for a better world. Being a platform of agents of change of organizations and individuals that collectively can generate a common good and prosperity for our communities. 



  1. Be the generator of change for a better world.
  2. Being the trusted news media on sustainable development.
  3. Provide honest reviews and technology offerings for real sustainable improvement.
  4. Provide the highest number of views on all related green topics through knowledge and added value.
  5. Contact buyers and sellers of products and services that achieve sustainable development.
  6. To be the company that can provide satisfaction and pride to its employees, customers, suppliers, authorities and shareholders.


  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Identity
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Win – Win


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